Day 3

Foot Care

Foot care is an integral part of safe and competent nurse-patient care. Nurses are in the best position to prevent or mitigate foot problems by attending to: circulation, comorbidities, skin integrity and pH balance, foot protection from injury and pressure relief.

Equipments needed

Equipment Needed:
3 Towels (Table, under Wash Basin, Dry Feet)
Wash Basin
2 Wash Cloth (folded as a mitt)
3 pair of Gloves – (Optional)
– Soap
– Lotion
– Socks

1) Opening Procedure – Gloves required until Lotion is applied.
2) Resident will be sitting.
3) Move the table with all your equipment on it next to the chair where the resident is.
4) Fill the Wash Basin 1/3 full with warm water Allow the resident to feel the temperature and see if it is okay. ( 2 Water Temperature Checks)
5) Place the wash basin on top of the table.
6) Place a towel (or disposable blue mat) on the floor and assist resident to take off their shoes and socks. DO NOT LET THEIR FEET TOUCH THE BARE FLOOR.
7) Bring the wash basin to the floor and assist the resident to place one foot in the water.
8) Let the foot soak for a few moments.
9) Use this time to bring lotion, soap, towel and the wash cloth to the floor then set them on the towel that is already down.
10) Remove the resident’s foot and begin washing from the top, bottom. Then each of the toes. Soap is applied to the wash cloth only.
11) Rinse the foot with the 2nd wash cloth.
12) Blot dry the clean foot from top, bottom then each toe. MAKE SURE TOES ARE DRY.
13) Remove your gloves.
14) Warm the lotion in your hands then gently rub it into their feet TOP and BOTTOM– NOT ON or BETWEEN TOES.
15) MUST wipe excess lotion from the foot and your hands with towel.
16) Apply resident’s sock to the clean foot.
17) Closing Procedure