Day 2


When caring for patients, you will want to check the status of their range of motion, or ROM. The ROM is defined as the movement available at a joint. It is a fundamental component in all physical activities and beyond integral to general health. ROM can be altered because of injury, disease, or even due to normal aging processes. It can be easy for any of these factors to increase risk for many complications like joint stiffness, limited mobility, and low self-esteem. To ensure safety and promote optimal recovery from a variety of conditions, including sports-related injuries, here are some tips for caring for patients with range of motion (ROM)​ issues.

How to place the Pillow under the neck

The CNA is asked to change the position of a resident who is lying on his/her back, to a side-lying position. The resident requires support to remain positioned on the side. The role of the resident is played by a person.

This is done every 2 hours to prevent skin breakdown / bedsores.

MUST MAKE SURE the pillow is under the head and chin supporting the neck!

Equipment Needed:  (No Gloves)

3 Pillows: (4th is already on the bed under their head)
1 under head (Already on the bed)
1 behind back
1 between legs
1 under arm (hugging)
1 Towel for the table

1) Opening Procedures
2) Raise the bed to your comfortable working height.
3) Loosen the bottom of the top sheet… fold it down to bottom of bed.
4) Explain to resident that you will move them in three sections
5)  I need to move you to the side of the bed…. will you assist me please?
MANDATORY: Cross the resident’s arms in an ‘X’. (Not shown on video)
First section= upper body; hold under shoulders move on count of 3 – towards you.
Second Section= middle body; hold under hips move on count of 3 – towards you.
Third Section= lower body; hold under ankles move on count of 3 – towards you..
MANDATORY: Ask about glasses if they have glasses and Knee issues.
6) Bend the knee closest to you in the direction the resident will be turning.
7) Gently turn the resident away from you by holding their shoulder and hip.
8) MANDATORY: How is your Shoulder? Are you Comfortable??
9) Tuck pillow #1 behind and slightly TUCK it under their back.
10)  Roll resident back toward you a little bit so they are not lying on their arm.
11)  Pillow #2 is placed between the knees and ankles to avoid the bones from rubbing.
12)  Pillow #3 is given to resident to “hug” under arm. (Open Pillow Side Away from door)
13) Make sure the pillow is NOT in their face.
14)  Make them comfortable and make sure the Head Pillow is supporting and tucked under head, neck and chin.
15)  Return the covers up over the resident’s shoulders.
16)  Do Closing Procedure — I AM DONE