Day 2

Making an Occupied Bed

A lot of CNA’s out there are struggling with making the empty bed. But have no fear. This will change everything you’ve ever thought about making an occupied bed.

Equipment Needed:

1 Fitted Sheet

1 Flat Sheet

1 Pillow case

1 Bed bath blanket

1 Towel for the table

Gloves are NOT allowed – In real world you would use gloves.

The CNA is asked to provide range of motion exercise to a resident who is not able to help with the exercises. The resident needs his/her shoulder flexed and extended, and abducted and adducted. For testing purposes, the resident needs three repetitions of both exercises. The instructions provided at the test site will indicate whether the exercise is to the left or right side. The role of the resident is played by a person, although in special situations a mannequin may be used. DO NOT DO EXTRA, ONLY what is ask