You've decided to get your CNA certification and have started looking for CNA training. But what to do next?

It’s important to understand that your next step is to get your BLS CPR/ AED certification. Why Earn a CPR Certification? The ability to perform CPR in a crisis is a skill that can prevent tragedy and one that you can learn. Our fast, efficient certification courses teach you the knowledge and skills needed to be able to administer CPR quickly until help arrives. CPR certification is a must for health professionals and first responders. CPR certification means that you are prepared to intervene when someone’s life is at risk. Finding the right CPR certification class can certainly be an overwhelming task. Especially when it comes to finding the right training course to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Get your CPR Certification!

American Heart Association BLS CPR and AED Health Care Provider Certification

This BLS CPR class provides an advanced level of CPR/AED certification required for nurses, EMT’s, and other health care professionals. This certification course is a way to officially train healthcare workers with the necessary skills required in providing CPR, First Aid, and AED training and usage.

BLS + First Aid

You will receive both BLS CPR and First Aid Cards. We will administer the CPR Class and immediately following that we will commence the First Aid training. Being certified in first aid training means that you know what to do when someone is hurt. You will walk out with both cards immediately following class. This option is best for busy professionals who need comprehensive yet timely training for their current or prospective careers.

What people say?

Great instructor. Moved quickly but gave plenty of time for discussion. Interacted very well with all members of the class. He told you what you need to know in a very simple and precise manner I’ll be back when its time for renewal.
Hossam was a great instructor! Information was concise and he held everyone’s full attention. I appreciated the method of teaching used which was step by step through the process and very interactive. I will definitely come back for my next renewal.