Day 3

Hands and Nails Care

Nails and hands are one of the most neglected parts of our body, despite the fact that we use them all the time. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks to keep your hands and nails healthy, so that you can avoid dryness and other harmful issues for a long time.


(Hair is no longer done with this skill)
Equipment Needed: (No Gloves)
Wash basin (2 Water Temp Check)

2 Wash cloth  & 2 Towels (1 table top / 1 to dry hands)

Orange / Cuticle stick   /  Nail file   /     Soap

Rinse Twice / Spray Disinfect / Paper
Towel Dry and Return to Storage using 2 paper towels.


1) Opening procedure – No gloves
2) Place 1 towel over table tray for your work space and lay down equipment.
3) Fill wash basin 1/3 full with warm water. ( 2 Water Temperature Checks)
4) Place wash basin at a comfortable level for the resident to soak their hands in.
5) ASK: Which hand they would like to be done if you were not given a specific side.
6) Soak one hand in the wash basin, make a mitt.
7) Wash hand with soap use 1 Wash cloth Soap then use 1 Wash Cloths to rinse.
8) Remove their hands from the water and blot dry completely.
9) Push back their cuticles with the 1 wash cloth, the 1 used for rinsing hands.
10) Clean under each nail with the cuticle stick and wipe on table top towel in a X.
11) Ask patient if they prefer Round or Square Nails.
12) Groom nails with the file or emery board leaving the nails smooth and free of rough edges.
13) Warm the lotion in your hands, and then massage it gently into their hand.
14) MUST: Remove excess lotion from your hands and the resident’s hands by blotting with towel used to dry hands.
15) Closing Procedure
16) Tell Nurse you are done.