Day 5

Partial Bed Bath

A partial bed bath is a type of bed bath used for adults and/or pediatric patients. It focuses on areas of the body that require cleansing, care, and/or attention. A partial bed bath may be used for patients with multiple wounds, foot problems, pain issues, and other aspects of patient care that may prevent full-body bathing, or in situations where a patient’s condition requires limited movement or position changes.

There are several reasons why partial bed baths should be included in clinical practice. First, they provide opportunities to begin the process of discharge teaching and demonstrate the importance of preventing pressure ulcers. Second, patients who are not going home might be at risk for skin breakdown or falls if not given appropriate care. Third, partial bed baths can create a sense of comfort for the patient as performed by a skilled and sensitive health care provider.

Equipment Needed: (No Gloves)
3 towels
6 wash cloths LIMIT
Bed bath blanket
Lotion & Soap
Wash basin (2 Water Temp Check)


1) Opening procedure – Gloves are required- Gather and Set up Equipment
2) Cover resident with bed bath blanket and fold down top sheet.
3) Wash Basin 2 Water Temperature Checks.
4) Remove resident’s gown and place it in the dirty hamper.
5) Place towel on the patient’s chest.
6) Begin with the eyes (NO SOAP), use a different part of the wash cloth for each eye working from the inside of the eye outward. PLEASE SEE VIDEO
7) Dry their face and chin with a towel using a blotting motion to avoid breaking the skin.
8) Place a towel over the resident’s chest. Wash, Rinse & Dry the complete chest area using small circles to wipe clean.
9) Expose one arm and place a towel under it….. Wash, Rinse & Dry the whole arm including under the arms and hands. Repeat for next arm.
10) Tell the Nurse, if the water is too cold or dirty you would change the water now.
11) Turn resident on their side and place a towel under their back. Wash, Rinse and Dry the back. Starting from the BOTTOM LOWER BACK FIRST and then working to the shoulders.
12) (Remove your gloves if worn), warm lotion in your hands, and then apply to the back and remove excess. Give Back Message starting from the bottom lower back to the shoulders. SOFT GENTLE CIRCLES
13) Remove the towel from under the back, wash your hands and clean gloves if worn. .
14) Dress the resident with a clean gown and tie it in two places.
15) Pull up top sheet and remove the bed bath blanket.
16) Lower the bed and give the call light to the resident.
17) Clean up all dirty linens and rinse out water basin.
18) Store all equipment after it has been dried.
19) Closing procedures.