Day 5

Denture and Oral Care

It’s no surprise that dentures and oral care are often the most challenging clinical skills for students. These cases require intense technical mastery, artistry and time to perform successfully.

Dental health and care should be a focus for all of us, and an exceptionally important one for CNAs. Poor dental health can lead to people feeling socially isolated, and CNA’s need to help patients with their overall health – mental, physical, emotional and nutrition – as well as see that they are comfortable.

Water will be used instead of mouth wash..

You will Brush & Clean Dentures at the Sink FIRST and then Do Oral Care on Patient.

You must line the sink as shown in video, with plenty of paper towels or wash cloths… paper towels are better.

* Clean Dentures first at sink…
* Rinse Dentures in Cool Water Before Brushing and Cleaning.
* Store dentures in 1/2 cup of cool water in top drawer
* Oral Care – Change Gloves and then do Oral Care…..
Place an Adult Clothing Protector on patient before you start.

Ask if the patient if they have any mouth sores or visually check before you do oral care.

Be sure to soak PINK TOOTHETTE in Water before SWAB Gums…
Place toothpaste on toothette to clean the gums. NOTE: If you find any sores in the mouth use just water on the pink toothetts.

Equipment Needed:
Denture brush and denture cup
2 Pink tooth swab & Toothpaste
2 cups
Emesis basin
Clothing protector (not a bib)
Wash cloth
Mouthwash (Use WATER for State Test they will not allow mouthwash for test only)
Paper towels to line the sink
1 towel for the table
3 Sets of Gloves

1) Opening procedure – Gloves are required
2) Have the resident put their dentures into the denture cup or emesis basin.
3) Walk the cup or basin to the sink.
4) Line the sink with paper towels to protect the dentures from breaking.
5) Rinse dentures with cool running water before brushing them.
6) Apply toothpaste to the denture brush and begin brushing all surfaces of the dentures.
7) Completely rinse the dentures under cool running water.
8) Rinse the denture cup, and then place the dentures into it with cool water or solution.
9) ASK Patient if they would prefer the dentures to be put in their top drawer or left on the table.
10) Clean all equipment and return them to the top drawer also.
11) Dispose of the paper towel sink liner.
12) CHANGE GLOVES – 2nd Pair.
13) Place clothing protector around resident; move head of the bed to Fowler’s position.
14) First: Ask if there are any sores in their mouth and have them rinse swish and spit
15) Second: Use the Pink tooth swab with toothpaste to clean the gums.
16) Third: Give mouthwash (1/2 water) to swish and spit into emesis basin then wipe the mouth.
17) CHANGE GLOVES – 3rd Pair
18) Remove the clothing protector and dispose of it in the dirty hamper.
19) Lower the bed and give the resident the call light.
20) Exit procedure

Brushing Teeth

A patient’s oral health is vital to their overall care. While it may seem like brushing teeth would be a simple activity, there are specific techniques that need to be employed when performing these duties. Brushing Patient’s teeth can be carried out by any competent staff with adequate training. The brushing procedure will be dependent upon the health status of the patient and of their dentition.

Be sure to soak toothbrush in Cup of Water before brushing teeth…

NOTE: Keep 1/4 of the water in the 2nd cup to SOAK the Toothbrush BEFORE your Brush Teeth.

Offer water/mouth wash Swish and Spit – FIRST before you brush teeth and LAST After you brush teeth.

Ask if the patient if they have any mouth sores and visually check before you do oral care.

Turn the Head and Tilt Chin Down…. before you start.

After Skill ….. Change Gloves Before Closing Procedures & Clean Up

Equipment Needed:
2 Cups
Mouth wash (Use WATER for State Test)
Emesis basin
1 Clothing protector (not a bib)
1 Wash cloth
1 towel for table
2 Sets of Gloves

1) Opening procedure – Gloves are required
2) Place bed in High Fowler’s position at a comfortable working height for you. 60 to 90 degrees before brushing teeth
3) Wrap the clothing protector around the resident.
4) Moisten and SOAK the toothbrush with water first.
5) Apply toothpaste to the toothbrush.
6) First: Have resident swish and spit with water into the emesis basin.
7) Second: Brush & Clean the entire mouth (includes the tongue, upper palate and inward).
8) Brush downward for the top teeth and upward for the bottom teeth.
9) Third: Assist the resident to SWISH & SPIT; rinse their mouth with water into the emesis basin.
10) CHANGE GLOVES – 2nd Pair of Gloves
11) Remove the clothing protector and dispose of it in the dirty hamper.
12) Lower and flatten the bed then give the resident the call light.
13) Rinse and dry all used equipment then return them to the top drawer.
14) Closing procedure.