Day 5

Bed Pan

Bed pans are an important tool in the patient care of a certified nurse assistant. While not always glamorous, they are an integral part of a CNA’s job as well as the hospital in general. Here is what you should know about bed pans.

Bed pans are commonly used to collect bodily waste from individuals who are bedridden. Because of the nature of the work, bedpans are often cleaned with liquid disinfectant after each use. While they are a necessary part of patient care in some clinical settings, they may be on the decline in the future due to changing attitudes toward patient privacy and post-operative recovery.

How to put on the Bedpan

There are a couple of factors that make an easy experience for the patient and the person who is assisting them to put on the bedpan. First, you want to make sure the bed pan is already connected to the bed. That way, there won’t be any fumbling with putting it on or taking it off the bed. Also, make sure the bedpan inside is clean in order to avoid any embarrassing moments between the two of you.

How to remove the Bedpan

Bedpans are one of the most difficult objects for anyone to remove, but with the right technique, it can be done.

Procedure: ASK Patient: Are You COMFORTABLE? Several times during this skill
Opening Procedure

Equipment Needed:

1 Bed Mat 2 paper towels

Toilet paper Fracture bed pan

Wash cloth Bed bath blanket

1 towel for the table 3 sets of Gloves

1. Place Bed Bath Blanket on Patient
2. Place the bed pan under the resident’s butt… thin side toward head / wide side toward feet… and then roll them back to the supine position. ASK Are You COMFORTABLE?
Raise the head of the bed to Medium Fowler’s position about 1/3 of the way… so that the resident is comfortable to use the bathroom and lower the bed.
3) Hand them the toilet paper and the call light.
4) Tell them to press the call button when they are finished.
Remove Gloves / Say – Wash Hands
5) Exit procedure – then return…. IMMEDIATELY

1) Opening Procedure – Wash Hands and put on Gloves are required – 2nd Pair of Gloves.
2) Hand the resident a wet wash cloth or handy wipe for cleaning their hands Remove the toilet paper as shown.
3) Raise the bed to your working height and flatten the bed to the supine position.
4) PRESS on the End of the BED PAN to prevent it from spilling…before you ROLL the patient off the bed pan. It will spill in the bed if you do not HOLD IT DOWN. DO NOT SPILL!!! Do not put your thumb in the pan…
6) Place the bed pan on top of paper towel #1 (on the portable toilet) and cover with paper towel #2 for privacy.
7) REPLACE YOUR GLOVES – 3rd Pair of gloves..
Clean the room and Bed Pan – Wash Hands – Exit

Applying Adult Diapers Briefs in a Lying Position

Applying an adult diaper is like wrapping a present. The final product should be attractive, clean and contain its contents without failure. To make the diaper change process comfortable, it is important to adhere to proper technique.

Applying Adult Diapers - 2

Applying adult diapers requires patients to be familiar with the process. This involves removing underwear, inserts, and securing the diapers onto the patient. For patients getting worse, enabling them to act on their diaper skills may give their caregivers a little break every day. Let’s have a look at how this can be achieved.