Day 3

Feeding and Recording

Feeding a patient is part of the nursing process. It’s important to be able to feed a patient safely if they are unable to do so themselves. To help you with this here is some information on how to initiate, monitor and discontinue feeding a patient.

Feeding a Resident - The Skill

In this video,  we’ll teach you the steps to feeding a patient, including how to position your body, hand placement and techniques for solving common problems.

The CNA is asked to feed a snack to a resident who is not able to feed him/herself. The resident is sitting in a chair in an inappropriate position (they must be sitting up straight with head held natural prior to feeding). A Food and Fluid Intake Form (sample provided on the website) is provided to record the resident’s estimated food and fluid intake. The role of the resident is played by a person.
Allow resident the opportunity to swallow before feeding the next bite. Ask are you comfortable prior to leaving.

Recording: The Intake output FORM is for liquids only. ALL Solids are recorded on a (Meal/Snack) form which is a different form.

While feeding, you will alternate 3 bites solids then liquid. Alternating.

An order to FORCE Liquids would be to encourage and remind your patient to drink something each time you go into their room.

NEW – IMPORTANT: Do NOT FEED if head is down on neck or way up held backwards … YOU MUST Ask them to bring their HEAD up Straight naturally BEFORE you feed them… you will fail if you do not.

During this skill, at some point, they will bring their head either up and back or tilted down on their chest. YOU MUST ASK THE TO BRING HEAD UP STRAIGHT NATURALLY.


You MUST TALK to the patient while you are feeing.

Let them swallow before you offer more food.

IMPORTANT – You MUST TALK to the patient while you are feeing.

You MUST RECORD at the end. It will be a SNACK

MUST CHeck the FOOD TRAY CARD – with their arm band

You MUST Offer a wet towel or wash cloth before you start.

Something to Drink – Next 3 Bites – Repeat.

When they throw their head down or up, ask the to bring it back naturally.

Equipment Needed:

1 Wash Cloth and 1 Clothing Protector (Not a Bib)

Important Notes….. ALL of the MUST DO’s

They will be in the chair: Sit beside the patient at same level. Scoot Back Sit up Straight in the Chair. DO NOT FEED THEM with YOU STANDING UP… YOU MUST sit beside them.

YOU MUST: Check the Food Tray CARD with the ID Bracelet BEFORE you feed to make sure the food is for that patient.

YOU MUST – Offer a handy wipe or wash cloth to wash their hands No soap before you feed tem.

YOU MUST – Offer Liquids FIRST and after the very LAST bite – Important

YOU MUST – Offer 2 to 3 bites of food and then liquids Continue until the patient says I AM FULL.

YOU MUST – When they say” I AM FULL” You must offer 3 more bites of food.

YOU MUST – Wipe FACE with napkin AFTER they are done eating.

YOU MUST – Talk with patient during feeding. Ask about their life.

YOU MUST – MAKE SURE THEIR HEAD IS natural… not way up or down

YOU MUST – RECORD what they have eaten and drank by recording.

YOU MUST – Throw all trash away and then YOU MUST – Wipe the table down after feeding.