Day 4

Catheter Care

CNA Catheter Care – Catheters are a common treatment option for people with swollen or blocked veins. They go inside the vein to drain blood from the affected area and prevent serious problems, such as blood clots developing in the leg veins. Your job will be to ensure your patient’s comfort while they are receiving care. If your patient’s catheter gets blocked, you will be responsible for clearing it.

Catheter Care - Female

Catheter care on a female is one of the highest priority skills in our scenarios. The procedures you need to accomplish are limited, but the complexity is much higher. Don’t let the scenario trick you into thinking that you don’t need to practice it. You do.

CNA is asked to provide catheter care to a female resident who has an indwelling urinary catheter. Soap and water should be used for the catheter care. For testing purposes, only the cleansing of the front perineal area and catheter are evaluated; cleansing of the rectal area and buttocks is not tested in this skill. A mannequin is used for the role of the resident

A Bed Matt  or TOWEL must ALWAYS be under any patient that you are CLEANING the lower part of the Body… if the matt does not have one there, place a clean matt under them.  We always protect the sheets.

IMPORTANT: Position towel or Bed Pad under buttocks/thigh area before cleansing, and (Bed Pad Matt 1)
when care completed remove the towel or bed pad, and leave resident on a dry pad. (Bed Pad Matt 2)

FIRST: Swipe Sides  FIRST:  Side #1    then   Side #2 first  Right or Left  Top to Bottom

Then – Last Center  – Swipe  Top to Top of Cat Tub..   then Below Cat Tub

NOTICE: NOT SHOWN:  You should also clean the right and left thighs.  The thighs would be just common sense to clean the whole area as when someone wets it normally spills to all areas.

Do not pull or tug, this will injure the resident!  If tube is not hanging down without any kinks fix it before you leave.  No Kinks in the Tub.

Make sure the Groin / Skin Folds areas are cleaned. 

NOTE: The nursing dolls do NOT have a lot of room that distinguish it… but it will be in the CREASES where the dolls legs come together.

Clean Sides First / Center Last / From Top to Bottom
Front Area With Tube – do not clean the butt.
Equipment Needed:
Bed bath blanket
2 Bed Mats (Sometimes the RN’s does not want to see the last Bed Mats put on).
2 towels
4 wash cloths
Wash basin
2 Pairs of Gloves


1) Opening Procedure – Gloves are required
2) Explain the procedure ensure resident’s privacy by shutting the curtain or door.
3) Fill wash basin half way with warm water. ( 2 Water Temperature Checks)
4) Place clean bed mat under resident’s butt before washing. Do not wash butt.
5) Cover resident with bed bath blanket and roll top sheet down to the foot of bed.
6) Only expose the area around the catheter. SEE THE VIDEO.
7) Apply soap to the washcloth mitt and clean urinary meatus (around genitals).
8) Rinse with a CLEAN washcloth the EXACT same way you washed it with the mitt.
9) Blot dry perinea area.
10) Remove and replace the bed mat & dispose of soiled linens by putting them in the dirty hamper.
11) Remove your gloves and apply new gloves.
12) Pull top sheet back over resident and remove bed bath blanket.
13) Closing Procedures

– Clean right or left side FIRST Make sure you clean the Groin / Skin Folds areas first and then with same was cloth  WIPE TOP DOWN THE FOLDING AREA always top to bottom. Be sure to change the mitt position using a different side for right and different side for left.
– Clean (in one direction) from tube in body outward about 12 inches of the catheter tubing coming from the urinary meatus. Do not pull or tug on tubing, as this will injure the resident
– Make sure the Groin / Skin Folds areas are cleaned.  NOTE: The nursing dolls do NOT have a lot of room that distinguish it… but it will be in the CREASES where the dolls legs come together. SEE PICTURE ABOVE.