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This course prepares students to pass the Florida Board of Nursing assistant state exam. In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), students must pass the CNA competency examination. This course provides students with the opportunity to review essential materials and practice necessary patient care skills. Students will also complete practice CNA exams. After taking this course, students then be able to apply for the written and oral portions of the CNA exam.


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steps on becoming a cna

If you are thinking about becoming a certified nurse assistant, there are requirements you will have to meet. The first step is to make sure that becoming a CNA is the right decision for you. If it is, then continue reading to see the steps to becoming a CNA.

Earn Your High School Diploma or GED
If you already have a high school diploma or a GED, you can start CNA lessons right away. If you do not have one of these qualifications, you will need to complete your high school education or pass an equivalency exam to obtain your GED.

Complete a CNA Training Program
Find a training provider that equips you with EVERYTHING. Examine each of the basic skills, patient care, safety, and ethics. That, however, is insufficient. Practice all of your skills, from handwashing to vital signs to bedpan cleanliness. Talk through each skill as though you were talking to the patient and the proctor who is grading your demonstration. Then, the night before, get plenty of sleep, have a nutritious meal, and don’t stress about anything. You’ll do fantastic!

Pass a State-Approved CNA Certification Exam
Once you complete your training, you are eligible to take a state-approved examination. The exam is designed to verify that you have the essential knowledge and skills to administer appropriate nursing care.

cna classes orlando

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Electronic Live Scan

Applicants for initial licensure must use a live scan service provider to electronically send their fingerprint to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). This allows FDLE to perform a search for Florida and criminal records that may be relevant to the applicant. The results will be transferred to the healthcare provider’s background check clearinghouse for review during the approval process. The applicant’s live scan fingerprint is retained by the FDLE and the clearinghouse. The applicant will bear all costs associated with conducting a criminal record check. Hard fingerprint cards or results are not accepted by the department. All results must be submitted electronically to the clearinghouse.

It is important to use the correct calling agency ID (ORI) when sending fingerprints. If you do not provide your ORI number or incorrect ORI number to your service provider, the Board will not receive fingerprint results. Therefore, it is important to use the correct ORI number when scanning fingerprints. applicants can send their fingerprints to an FDLE-approved live scan service provider. The applicant is solely responsible for selecting a service provider and reporting the results to the department. Visit the background check website for more information, FAQs, and a list of all approved live scan service providers. Bring your CNA exam electronic fingerprint form to your live scan provider. Check your service provider’s requirements to determine if you need to bring additional items. Make sure that the calling agency ID (ORI) number provided by your live scan service provider matches the information provided.

frequently asked questions

  • How much do CNA classes cost in Orlando?
    – It only costs $349.00 and this already equips you with the primary knowledge on becoming a CNA. 
  • How long does it take to complete CNA Classes Orlando?
    – It takes about 4-12 weeks to finish our CNA Classes because this would be totally dependent on your pace so you don’t have to worry because you will have enough time to practice and be more educated.
  • What happens after I complete my classes and get my certificate?
    –  You can now take the state-approved CNA Certification exam.
  • How do I renew my CNA certification?
    – A CNA license is valid for 24 months and is renewed in some places provided the CNA works for at least eight hours during that period. If you are qualified, fill out a renewal form and return it to the state along with the renewal fee. 
  • What does CNA Classes Orlando include?
    – CNA Classes Orlando includes everything you will need to become a certified nursing assistant in no time at all. CNA Classes Orlando can be completed on your own time and at home. These online CNA Classes are easy to follow, convenient and pain-free. 
  • Do I have to take the CNA test at the end of the training?
    – To progress through your training, you must demonstrate competence in certain skills. You are required to take a competency exam to verify you have learned the necessary skills to practice on your own.
  • What is the next step after becoming a CNA?
    – With your CNA credentials you have a wide range of options for your next step. Some people choose to continue in the healthcare field by becoming a nursing assistant, or getting an LPN degree. You may decide to work in a different area of health care like rehabilitative therapy, or administration. The possibilities are limitless with only one requirement, set yourself apart and make a difference!!

If you wish to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, it is important to get your CPR Certification.

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